DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL16.12

Authors: Sandy Buczynski, Mathews, Kai

Abstract:This case study centered on understanding the perceptions and acceptance of 21st century learning skills and emerging technologies for education by teachers and administrators in an urban school district. Data were collected at three different strata within the district:  superintendent, principals, and teachers.  The study elaborates on these findings that emerged from the data: a) a consistent vision for 21st century learning and teaching was shared among stakeholders; b) a discrepancy between the district’s vision and its schools' capacity to implement that vision existed; and c) conflicting accounts of infrastructure reliability were evident.  From the data it was recommended that the district:  1) Stratify professional development by teacher skill level; 2) Embed time for curriculum design into professional development; 3) Ensure the adequate provision of mobile technology resources; and 4) reassess the reliability of wireless infrastructure.

Keywords: urban education, mobile learning technology, 21st century teaching skills,


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