DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL15.9

Authors: Dushyanthi Udeshika Vidanagama

Abstract: E-learning has become a most popular learning approach of higher education in Sri Lanka, due to the advancements of Information Technology. This study focuses on the university students’ acceptance of e-learning as an effective tool. The successfulness of implementing e-learning requires the understanding of end-user acceptance process. Therefore, this study focuses on investigating the acceptance of e-learning approach among university students’ in Western Province, Sri Lanka. The aim of this research is to provide a set of factors to be considered when an e-Learning activity is planned and proposed to e-Learners in universities of Sri Lanka. The basic framework of this study uses the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) which is modified by including some factors which is suitable for achieving the objectives of the research. This study is based on total sample of 209 students who are following Computer Science (CS) related degrees in the universities located in Western Province, Sri Lanka. The results of this study suggest that university students tend to focus more on perceived ease of use on e-learning and the students’ attitude has more influence on intention to use e – learning. So it can be concluded that providing more technological facilities with infrastructure will increase the positive attitude towards using e-learning among university students and behavioral intention to use.

Keywords: E-learning; Technology Acceptance Model; Perceived ease of use; Perceived usefulness; Perceived enjoyment


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