DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL14.62

Authors: Dr. Ramya Ramamoorthi, Dr. Ramamoorthi Jayaraj


This teaching research explored whether Blackboard Collaborate or web conferencing environment was an effective teaching approach for or further studies in nursing, pharmacy, exercise, and the life sciences students learning anatomy and physiology. In general, anatomy and physiology are major study areas that have pretended chronic struggle for bachelor science students.
Since anatomy and physiology underpin a large amount of information about the normal functioning of the human body it is imperative that students are able to understand and recollect this knowledge and apply it to practice. Blackboard Collaborate-based learning offers potential advantages for teaching anatomy and physiology as clinical cases can provide the impetus for student problem solving. This study investigated Blackboard Collaborate-based simple online teaching or tutoring sessions, including offshore /remote delivery and compared students' response to the task of problem solving in a laboratory setting adapted to simulate Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory. In my teaching research, I have implemented a semi-quantitative evaluation between one semester cohort of external students undertaking their first anatomy and physiology course as part of their of bachelor of course, where external student cohorts were also provided access to streaming of live online lectures and recorded copies of the live lectures and the other semester of external cohorts did not.
The study found that students who attended blackboard lectures had more benefit such as learn better, retain the knowledge from viewing online blackboard collaborate lectures than students who accessed the online materials. Blackboard Collaborate was more effective, blended teaching approach to teach anatomy and physiology specially web based recordings of delivered lectures that is often considered as an easy extension of a traditional course and is of practical importance, because it enables students who are often absent from the regular face-to-face lectures to be able to improve their course grade by viewing the lectures online.

Keywords: Anatomy and Physiology, Learnline, Blackboard Collaborate


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