DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL18.143

Authors: Spoorthi Nidhuram, Christy Jacob Mathews,  Raju Sambari, Ramesh Nagula, Shashank Parimi, Radhika Ajit, Praveen Allamsetti and Santhosh Miriyala

Abstract: This study explores qualitative experiences of Management Information Systems (MIS) coordinators and Field Resource Coordinator (FRCs) working on Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) project, among 13 districts of Telangana state. The Current study discusses bottlenecks at different levels of implementation of CLIx project. It also brings out solutions and possible responsibilities which MIS coordinators can carry out during CLIx implementation experiences of FRCs at field level among 300 CLIx project schools in Telangana. This study brings out how ICT (Information and communication technology) related projects have a higher - level of dependencies on state and other stakeholders during project implementation stage and how these dependencies create gaps in implementation at school level.

Keywords: bottlenecks, MIS coordinators, implementation, stakeholders, ICT ( Information and communication technology ).


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