DOI: 10.5716/2251-1814_EeL13

Authors: Prof Moses Montesh, Mr M (Vinesh) Basdeo


Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are central to the changes taking place throughout the world. Digital media has revolutionised the information society and advances in ICTs have dramatically changed the learning and teaching process. This has opened up new learning opportunities and provided access to educational resources well beyond those traditionally available. In 2004, the South African government adopted the “White Paper on e-Education: Transforming Learning and Teaching through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)”. The purpose of this policy was to implement and address ICT in education in South Africa. On the other hand, there are many serious challenges to be overcome, including a marked urban-rural digital divide in the country, and some sobering realities regarding education in South Africa. This presentation analyses the South African implementation approaches as outlined by the White Paper and the realities and challenges facing e-learning practitioners that have not been addressed by the same White Paper.

Keywords: E-learning; Web Based Learning (WBL); computer-based training (CBT), distance learning; face-to-face learning; intranet; synchronous learning; traditional learning


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