DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL16.17

Authors: Jamey Heit, Robin Donaldson

Abstract:We had an experienced professor teach two sections of the same course during the same term. All content covered during the course and all assignments were the same across both courses. Students completed nine written assignments and a final project. The only difference was that in Section A assessment was done by hand as a teacher normally would do. In Section B, all assessment was done using ecree’s automated assessment software. Students were not told which section they were in. At the end of the course, we compared student outcomes and evaluations of the professor to determine two things: (a) did one section perform better than the other due to the way they were assessed; and (b) did the students perceive that one form of assessment was better than the other? Our results show that across the board the students in the automated assessment course had better outcomes and showed a clear preference for this mode of assessment.

Keywords: formatting; automated assessment, student outcomes, technology, writing, instruction


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