DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL13.66

Authors: Arvie S. Andal

The study analysed and elaborated the result of a research that developed and evaluated a multimedia storytelling courseware for introducing number sense to children with autism (CWA). The result of the implementation and evaluation were analysed to identify possible features in the design of the courseware that cause inappropriate response and reaction on CWA. The analysis identified the parts or features of the courseware that needs to be revised so that it can respond to the unique characteristic of CWA. From the proposed revisions, the design considerations for creating courseware for CWA were extracted and presented. Implications on design, the mediums used, the options provided and the importance of prompts in a courseware, to mention a few were highlighted. This study aimed at encouraging teachers and professionals to include CWA in the process of developing a courseware. Lastly it aims to serve as guide for researchers who will embark on the same endeavour.

Keywords: Autism, CAI, educational courseware, design considerations

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