DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL18.05

Authors: Ouhao Chen and Slava Kalyuga

Abstract: Cognitive Load Theory (CLT), which is an instructional theory, is grounded in Human Cognitive Architecture. According to CLT, an instruction that is effective for novices may be ineffective for more knowledgeable learners, indicating an expertise reversal effect. Therefore, with the increases in learners’ expertise, the instruction should be changed accordingly. A rapid online assessment, developed within the framework of CLT, could be used to design adaptive online learning environments to fit the gradual change in learners’ expertise. This paper reviews research on rapid online assessment and provides suggestions on designing adaptive online learning environments and future research in the area.

Keywords: Cognitive Load Theory; human cognitive architecture; expertise; rapid online assessment; adaptive learning environment; fading strategy


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