DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL17.21

Authors: Poul Nissen , Sebastian Lemire


In many schools there will be highly gifted students who need a challenge, but are unidentified by their teachers. Thus early identification and intervention is necessary for optimal de-velopment. However, many intelligence tests are time-consuming and costly. In this paper, a brief and easy-to-use screening instru-ment is presented. This checklist is a self-report, single page, pa-per-and-pencil questionnaire comprising 25 items, that can be completed quickly by the student. Each item is unipolar and asks the respondent about the match between a listed character trait and the student’s self-perception on a 3-point scale: 0 (not true), 1 (somewhat or sometimes true), and 2 (very true or often true). A comparative validity study was conducted on a group of 91 stu-dents with an IQ score between 130 and 160 (M=142) and group of 42 ‘ordinary´ students with an IQ between 84 and 116 (M=103). In advancing the practical application of the Giftedness checklist a set of cut-off intervals for identification of gifted students were identified using the total score on the gifted checklist. Using the intervals enables the teacher to determine the probability of gift-edness based on raw scores. The checklist is available as an appli-cation.

Keywords: Screening, Giftedness, Checklist, Measurement, Norms, Validity


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