DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL13.68

Authors: Jaakko Panula and Timo Vesiluoma

This abstract describes on the other hand the national educational strategic policies and proposals for action in Finland and on the other hand the practical regional and local work and SOME-project in several schools in Kauhajoki town and the Suupohja Region in Western Finland. New learning and study environments need to enable meaningful and collaborative learning. At the same time, they should develop learning-to-learn and other skills required in the 21st century. Success requires promoting the following aspects derived from the Development Plan of ICT in Edu by the Finnish Government of Education (2010):

 initial status and development phases as well as
the results of systemic change
 learner’s future skills
 pedagogical models and practices
 e-learning materials and applications
 school infrastructure and support services
 teacher identity, teacher training and pedagogical
 operational culture and leadership at school
 business and network co-operation.

Project SOME in 2010-2013: On the basis of the above aspects and accepted guidelines, the schools in Suupohja region in western Finland (Kauhajoki as the largest town) piloted new collaboration methods and educational ITC use with new wireless cloud services and iPad’s for for general education and vocational education.

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