DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL15.10

Authors: Ann-Marie von Otter and Jonathan Weidow

Abstract: Our purpose with this paper is to discuss if using digital tools in schools call for a change in our teacher training education about the didactic content using digital tools. Today`s students have grown up in a digital media landscape using computers. They have their own experiences, often formed outside the universities .In our results we found that the teacher training students had difficulties to produce materials by themselves according to the Swedish national policy documents in their lesson planning. One reason why they have these difficulties could be that they don´t see the connection between the curricula, the software content and the assessments to be made. It is an engaging and inspiring question how we as teachers and lectures can inspire a better learning outcome for our students using ICT in a pedagogical way. How can we use theories such as PCK and TPACK to make the knowledge about digital didactic useful or useable knowledge in the teacher training education? We think that the universities in the future need to focus more in the teacher training education on theories how to use digital tools in a pedagogic content. The teacher’s role must be made aware using digital tools. In the future we think that the teacher training education needs to include PCK and TPACK in the policy document in aim to train the students to use digital tools in a pedagogic content.

Keywords: Digital tools, pedagogic content; policy documents,teachers role

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