DOI: 10.5716/2251-1814_EeL80

Authors: S. Fernandez


This paper extends a paper authored and presented by the same author; “A Proposal to Build English Language Proficiencies into Academic Programs and Courses” in December 2010. SIM University (UniSIM) like many other tertiary education providers is facing increasing diversity in student population. Students are increasingly diverse in terms of language proficiencies, academic background, skills, ethics, values and culture. English language proficiencies have shown up in many qualitative documents like examination markers reports, continuous assessment (CAs) reports and lecturer feedbacks in the Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) programme. DMS programme administered by SIM Global Education has Singaporean and non-Singaporeans in almost equal proportions. Statistical analysis on language proficiencies had not been in done in the past for the DMS programme. In 2010, this author suggested that English language development should be integral in tertiary education where student populations are similarly diverse. DMS programme has English courses in the first two semesters (of five). The paper in 2010 reported inconclusive findings. That design was flawed. Another refined study was conducted in 2011. The findings found that English proficiencies at admission were significant to academic performance in the DMS programme; particularly qualitative courses. Performance in English courses in the DMS was also found to be significant to academic performance in the DMS programme; similarly to qualitative courses. Data were collected for one semester out of five in the DMS programme with an ambition to collect data from other semesters. If findings are found to be similar in subsequent surveys, tertiary programmes like the DMS should invest in developing English language courses.


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