DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL16.24

Authors: Huey Zher, Ng

Abstract:Studies have illustrated that blogging is the mechanism to cultivate ownership. This paper aims to explore the students' self-learning journey through reflective blogging. Based on what blogging advocates, 23 students were asked to post their reflection via their blogs. This activity was new to the students. This was their first time blogging. The data collected was qualitative, comprising of students' reflections from the blog, and questionnaire on student's ownership experiences using blogs as reflection tool. The implications for the use of blogs as a platform to cultivate ownership among students are discussed. On the other hand, data findings have shown unforeseen variables which influenced the instructor strategies in encouraging the students to post and maintaining the purpose of reflection for the students' ownership. This was also brought to discussion

Keywords: component; Blog, Reflection, Ownership, Blended Learning, Higher Education


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