DOI: 10.5716/2251-1814_EeL50

Authors: Ming-Jenn Wu, Kuang-Yao Li, Chuan-Shou Hau


Owing to the global economical competition, the production technology has been renovating continuously, more and more entrepreneur consider creativity and problem solving ability as key factors of success. Studies identified that to succeed in the economical competitive environment, creativity has to be exerted, and for that abundant professional knowledge has to be equipped and personalities of curiosity, adventure, imagination, and challenge have to be preserved. The study deliberated technology creativity development of vocational high school students, and by use of data mining technology analyzed grading of students with creativity ability test with “flexibility”, thereby understood cross domain integration ability of the students. The study results showed that in the flexibility ability development of vocational high school students, experiences of more domains need to be added to the curriculum, so that the students could observe and imagine more, and apply what were learned to exert in career development and daily life thereafter.

Keywords: Technology Creativity;Data Mining ; Flexibility


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