DOI: 10.5716/2251-1814_EeL52

Authors: Duen-Huang Huang, Kuang-Yao Li, Chien-Yun Dai


The primary objectives of the study are to analyze website resources for mechanical manufacturing department students of vocational high school, with data mining technique and to work out a learning concept diagram with related rules. With the development of internet, in addition to what learnt at school, the students can also carry on learning through BLOGs, youtube etc, in addition to increased sensory augment, the students can also communicate with others by use of networks. However, due to the diversified resources in networks, the study attempted to apply data mining on related websites for vocational high school mechanical manufacturing department students, to find out associations whereof, and sort out learning sequence. After the completion of concept diagram, a curriculum website that match with students’ level and needs could be constructed, through the learning model of the established framework, the students could have increased associative learning with reduced duplicate contents, thereby a more effective learning method could be obtained.

Keywords: Mechanical Manufacture;Data Mining ;Concept maps


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