DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL14.28

Authors: Bassel ALKHATIB, Mohammad Wahab ALMOUQDAD


The last two decades have testified to the massive and considerable development of computer, communication and information technologies. New techniques have emerged to convert the world into a small town, where its inhabitants in the east and west can easily communicate with each other as if they were living in the same neighborhood. Education has exploited these developments with objectives to improve the way students, teachers and organizations exchange information and knowledge. This paper presents an intelligent application in the e-learning area (UAELS), aimed at adapting the courses to the learning preferences and needs of each student. The developed system aims to determine students' behavior through their navigation in the hyperspace of the course; and then creates on-line courses with content adapted and tailored to students' knowledge and learning style. The technical and pedagogical principles behind UAELS are presented, outlining the intelligent features of the system. The learner modeling and adaptation methods are also briefly introduced, together with their realization in UAELS. Finally, the platform is validated experimentally, proving its efficiency and effectiveness on the learning process, as well as the high degree of learner satisfaction with the system.

Keywords: Learning and Self-Adapting; Adaptive System; Adaptive Course Contents ; E-Learning, Artificial Intelligence

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