DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL12.43

Authors: Dan Cunniff

Abstract: Universities and school districts are taking
advantage of today’s technologies to enhance teaching
and staff development on all fronts. From smart
boards to videos, instructors, principals and other
educational leaders are taking advantage of the
numerous applications available using the internet.
Online programs are now standard in most
universities. In order to make these programs more
student-friendly and promote more student
engagement, program organizers have turned to
more use of audio and visual opportunities. This
paper presented a few of the enhancements used in
online programs including the application of a secure
online tool called IRIS Connect. The paper included a
report of a student and instructor satisfaction survey
connected to the IRIS enhancement.

Keywords: Interns, evaluation, credential, remote
observation, video, professional development, IRIS

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