DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL14.21

Authors: Nikhilesh Barik, Dr. Sunil Karforma


E-learning system used all kind of multimedia data like text, images, audio and video. In fact multimedia Databases (MMDB) become first choice of the developer for content storage for all kinds applications programs in e-learning system. This paper describes all issues related to utilization of multimedia database in e-learning system. It reviewed all related research in this filed and suggested architecture to access the e-learning MMDB. It also includes utilization benefits of MMDB with respect to e-Learning system & discusses security issues in the MMDB architecture with secure registration, cloud computing applications etc. This is basically lead to MMDB Security (MMDBS) in e-learning.

Keywords: E-Learning, Multimedia Database(MMDB), Secure registration,Cloud computing, MMDB Security

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