DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL12.41

Authors: Sameh Ghwanmeh

Abstract: Investing the educational system within an e-environment dedicated by Information and Communications Technology (ICT) administrative and learning technologies and capabilities advances educational results and better supports innovation, community and knowledge economy skills. Recent developments in ICT have incited an increasing interest in ICT-based blended-learning pedagogy to expand access to learning and foster lifelong learning amongst citizens through the use of ICT. The task mission is to establish an e-environment that permits ICT within the education system and backings, facilitates, and automates both educational and administrative actions and services performed at all functional levels of Ministry of Education to maximize performance, advance the planning and decision making process, promote education quality, embedding ICT-based, blended-learning pedagogy properly using technology to transform education into a learner-centric system that is internationally well-known in its quality and impact, and to substitute innovation and quality in teaching and learning. In this paper, five strategic goals have been established, including: Further develop and roll out Infrastructure Technologies across k-12 education system in Jordan with parity and equality throughout the whole kingdom, Expand and enforce a blended learning pedagogical approach, Implement a robust integrated EMIS for school-based management, Setup and empowering the Lead School concept and Use ICT to build an effective assessment mechanism to evaluate the Knowledge Economy Skills acquired by students. These strategic goals are followed by specific objectives with action plans to achieve the set goals.

Keywords: ICT, ICT Policy, e-Education, ICT in Education, Education Pedagogy, E-Learning

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