DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL17.66

Authors: Neffisatu J. C. Dambo, Randolph Burnside


Technology is widely used throughout the world and has become a source of everyday living. Technology has academic, career, and economic benefits that assists with the development of children as well as the development of our society. The multifaceted abilities of technology and the high levels of social interactions that have occurred as a result of technology has brought our attention to the importance of integrating technology to enhance learning outcomes and future innovation, as well as the need to heighten safety and privacy regulations. This can occur through monitoring, training, and multicultural considerations that promotes equitable resources and supports. Therefore, this manuscript will discuss the following: (a) the benefits, deterrents, and challenges of integrating e-learning, (b) how technology access (school, home, community) and usage may influence the technological divide, and (c) a proposed research study and model that considers the most prominent cultural stratifications that intermingles with educational technology gaps currently affecting at-promise (low SES) youth.

Keywords: technology, e-learning, socioeconomic status, multicultural considerations


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