DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL15.36

Authors: Daniel S Pamungkas and Koren Ward

Abstract:Learning to touch-type can be a more difficult task when the user has acquired incorrect or bad typing practices after many years of ad-hock keyboarding and computer use. In this paper we introduce a novel training aid to facilitate the learning of touch-typing, particularly the learning of the correct finger-key associations. Our learning system differs to existing touch-typing tutor applications in that we also monitor the finger positions with a hand motion tracking sensor to check that the correct fingers are being used to press the correct keys. Our system also uses electro-neural finger stimulation to enhance learning of the correct finger-key associations. We provide our preliminary experimental results that demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach for learning the correct finger-key associations required for touch-typing.

Keywords: touch-typing; associative learning; haptic feedback; electro-tactile feedback; finger motoric learning.

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