DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES17.32

Authors: W.A.M.K.P. Wickramaarachchi and M. Narayana

Abstract: Global Climate Models (GCMs) are the primary tools that can be used to predict future climate scenarios. Regional Climate Downscaling is a more helpful technique in examining possible changes at local regions. CORDEX (Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment) provides a vast range of downscaled data in CORDEX domains. South Asia has been included as the 6th region, and Sri Lanka is a part of it. CORDEX wind speed data for 25 years have been extracted from published IITM data sets. Though it has identified that North Sri Lanka as a potential region to harness wind energy, for now there is no evidence of confirmation about continuing in future with good financial returns. Despite the fact that uncertainty is always going in line with future climate projections, this study can provide the background for future wind energy development in Sri Lanka. This matter was addressed in this research to find out future climate scenarios at Chunnakkam area in Sri Lanka. 2015 measurements of wind data at Pooneryn met station in Sri Lanka were employed in WAsP software with micrositting of a wind farm to predict energy generation at Chunnakkam. Similar work was carried out with CORDEX data. Then predicted wind energy generation using measured and CORDEX data were compared to observe the correspondence. Assuming same variation wind data were derived for next 25 years. Data have been horizontally transferred to Chunnakkam wind farm,

Keywords: CORDEX, downscaling, WAsP, future climate, micrositting


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