DOI: 10.5176/2251-1652_RTES11

Authors: Rahul Kohli, L. Ramesh

Abstract: Current research in automobile industry is focused on fuel saving automobile vehicles and/or electrically operated vehicles. The rechargeable battery plays major role for deciding many electrical specifications of electrically operated car or any system which works with the help of rechargeable or non rechargeable battery. This research paper describes a design and development of a real time monitoring system for the measurement of battery performance parameters. The battery performance parameters are computed continuously with designed hardware and software setup. The system utilizes a data acquisition module of National Instrumentation (NI) system USB 6008 to read battery parameters continuously, signal conditioning section and LabVIEW software. This software is used for data processing. The designed system monitors battery related parameters and provides information regarding health of the rechargeable battery. It is also possible to keep continuous track on battery performance parameters and preventive action may be suggested through the developed prototype. This experimental data may be used to know certain parameters of battery like rate of charging, rate of discharging and power drawn by electrical loads. Real time monitoring system provides key information to the user in an electrical car or battery operated systems or electrical power system in deciding mileage, range, specifications and other related parameters.


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