DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7654-8_R-29

Authors: Sudipta Das, Lawrence Jenkins and Debasis Sengupta

In this paper, we prove that the loss ratio of a G/G/1/G system with deadline till the end of service, operating under the EDF scheduling policy with preemption, can only be reduced by using an Exact Admission Controller. On the other hand, for a G/M/1/G system, this reduction is less than that arising from a simple modification of the EDF Scheduling policy, where a job about to get the server is automatically discarded if it is found at that time that itc cannot meet the deadline. Results of Monte Carlo simulations suggest that this modification produces substantial reduction of the loss ratio when the arrival rate is high, but the Exact Admission Controller is able to achieve comparable reduction of the loss ratio in this situation only if the mean relative deadline is large.


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