ISBN: 978-981-08-8408-6

Authors: Ching-Wei Ho and John Temperley


This paper aims to establish the relationship between brand knowledge and brand loyalty for retail branding in Taiwan. Branding in retailing is much more complicated than in manufacture - the structure of retail branding includes at least two levels, i.e. retail store brand and retail own-brand involving cross comparisons of results at each level. A consumer survey was conducted to examine the proposed hypotheses and after undertaking the fieldwork the results indicated that retail brand knowledge does affect retail brand loyalty. The research findings are of benefit to both academics and practitioners. This research aims to provide a different insight into analysing retail branding and assists benchmarking for both retail brand players and academic researchers in this field. The support of Taiwan’s National Science Council is acknowledged in enabling fieldwork to be undertaken in Taiwan.

Keywords: Retail branding, Brand knowledge, Brand loyalty, Taiwan


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