DOI: 10.5176/2251-2098_EMG13.10

Authors: Covadonga Aldamiz-echevarría, Maria Soledad Aguirre-Garcia

Abstract:  In this paper, we analyze and propose a model for the decision making process of donors of a specific kind on nonprofit organizations: the NGO that cooperate with the development of the developing countries (NGDO) in order to help these NGO with their fundraising strategy.

To do it, we have considered the factors that influence donation (internal and external) as well as the different stages of the decision making process in order to achieve the best possible results with the marketing strategies. The model we propose is a result of the study of bibliography, the authors ‘experience in the last 25 years in over 15 NGO with different levels of responsibility and a study conducted by Salvetti & Llombart for the Spanish Association of Fundraising consisting of 1.437 on-line interviews with donors, high potential and low potential donors, and non donors. The interviews took place in December 2010 to February 2011.

Keywords: Donor behavior, NPO, NGDO, social marketing.


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