DOI: 10.5176/2251-2098_EMG25

Authors: Pensri Jaroenwanit, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong

Abstract: This paper aims to present the exploratory study of the role of marketing strategy and new product development in achieving long-term success of market acceptance in the context of a local product in Thailand. It is part of a large project, only qualitative study is included in this paper. The research methodology comprised documentary research, focus group discussion, and in-depth interview. Participants included local business representatives and customers who live in the regional area and have purchased and consumed the regional products in the last twelve months. The exploratory findings showed the importance of understanding the role of marketing strategy and product development resulting in the long-term success of market acceptance. The main marketing strategy problems were product designs to respond to customers’ wants. Furthermore, product attributes including product style, pattern, and luxury image were dissatisfied when compared to competitors’ products. The urgent need in improving market acceptance toward marketing strategy and product development were addressed. Further studies in generating new product ideas, screening and evaluating new product ideas were recommended.

Keywords: case study, market acceptance, marketing strategy, product development, local products, Thailand


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