DOI: 10.5176/2382-5642_FSCR14.17

Authors: Kamil Januszkiewicz, Emilja Szablowska-Gnap and Joanna Dabrowska

Abstract: The main aim of the project is to create a platform for securing and digital reconstruction of a crime scene and the possible course of events. For this reason we are developing technology to support the investigation process by utilizing the newest achievements in the field of 3D scanning multispectral imaging. Laser and structural light scanning technology will help to secure the topography, even of large scenes, with all details in a short period of the time. Moreover, imagining the scene with other wavelengths of light, for example close infrared, might identify new elements and evidence present at the crime scene. With the help of the platform it will be possible to produce a three dimensional reconstruction of the scene and visualization of the possible course of events. It will enable the scene to be repeatedly observed, including from all possible perspectives, even when the original scene no longer exists.
Importantly, this tool might be excellent at providing a very easy way to manage the evidence collected at the scene. It may help to shorten the duration of the investigation process, and might help to improve the work of police officers, investigators, prosecutors and judges, by providing a fast, objective and accurate tool for securing and presenting the crime scene and the possible course of events.

Keywords: Crime scene, 3D scanners, reconstruction of the event

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