DOI: 10.5176/2382-5642_FSCR14.25

Authors: Magdalena Zubanska, Aneta Lyzwa and Bogdan Guzinski

Abstract: Profit from drugs is beyond the horizon of greed, as Tom Clancy writes in one of his books. Trade in drugs is unfortunately one of the most lucrative criminal activities. Globally, the biggest gains brings the arms trade, which is followed by manufacturing and selling of drugs. Among the narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances the largest group is represented by synthetic substances that now constitute half of the European drug market. Their popularity is still growing. Production of synthetic drugs is carried out, among others, in Europe, and amphetamine can be considered as "typical European" specific. Synthetic psychoactive substances are obtained from synthetic precursors in the laboratories, usually illegal ones. For the police and the prosecutor, an illegal lab is a crime scene; every year about 15 such laboratories are closed down in Poland. In the event of liquidation of an illegal laboratory, it is necessary to protect and store the chemicals and laboratory equipment for the needs of the criminal proceedings, i.e. difficult trial evidence, because these substances are considered as such.. However, in Poland there are no strict uniform organizational, legal and technical standards in dealing with difficult trial evidence. Therefore, the concept of a research project was developed entitled “Infrastructure, equipment and technical and legal procedures related to the protection and storage of the so-called difficult trial evidence”, that the Police Academy in Szczytno (Poland) have been conducting since the beginning of the year. Activities that are undertaken within the project will lead to the drafting of comprehensive legislation with respect to the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the police law and other branches of law. In the technical part of the project, the implemented steps will lead to the development of modern technology and equipment that will enable proper and effective protection, transport, storage and disposal of difficult trial evidence.

Keywords: controlled substance, synthetic drug, illegal laboratory, precursor, trial evidence


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