DOI: 10.5176/2382-5642_FSCR13.25

Authors: Hai Thanh Luong

To date, indoor growth is known to be the main method of cannabis cultivation around the world. According to the World Report Drugs 2010, the increases in cultivation are often attributed to Vietnamese organized crime groups at some of nations and regions. The Australian Federal Police warned that the illegal cannabis cultivation of Vietnamese groups occurred at New South Wales and Victoria in recent years. Besides that, a remarkable increase in the numbers of Vietnamese in organized cannabis cultivation with both the potential yield and potency of the crop, in recent times at Canada and European countries, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Czech Republic as well. Meanwhile, the limited researches and official document from Vietnam’s authorities focus on Vietnamese criminal at overseas, no except for five above countries that it is likely to lead to unbalance in researching and assessing the nature of Vietnamese drug trafficking networks. This study offers a review of recent English-language researches that focuses on Vietnamese cannabis cultivation at overseas. All of empirical studies were identified based on literature searches using relevant search terms and Social Science Research Network, Springer, Taylor & Francis Groups, and Elsevier Science Direct. One of the main purposes of this study is identify and evaluate the ethnic factors in Vietnamese cannabis cultivation networks at five above countries. The paper is divided into three sections, the first one review background on the nature of drug trafficking networks and ethnical factor in that; the second is assesses the Vietnamese illegal cannabis cultivation networks at overseas; synthesizing main characteristic from all discussion and analyses is basic requirement of the third section.

Cannabis cultivation, Vietnamese cannabis group in overseas, drug trafficking network


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