DOI: 10.5176/2251-3361_GEOS12.27

Authors: Abdollah Yazdi

Abstract: Today, the role of the tourism industry has become increasingly important, and developed countries, according to their natural resources, try to make the most of their resources. Iran also has stunning natural scenery, various climates, and regions with unique geological phenomena which their study to gain a deeper understanding seems necessary. This paper aims to study and introduce both the geotourism potentials and the wonderful geomorphological attractions of lut desert(Dasht-e Lut) which is located in Iran. Dasht-e Lut is a dry, vast, and to some extent unknown expanse of land- with several unique world records in geology and geomorphology- which is located in the eastern region of Central Iran. Unique natural scenery: It has the world’s largest Yardangs, or Kaluts, and the biggest Nebkahs with regard to their height and size. It is also the hottest place on Earth. It also has some rare examples of desert structures and patterns, including high hills and mountains of sand, Barchans, vast areas of clay with their special forms, the basaltic Gandom Beryan area, Shoor River, Rebdous, beautiful salt lands and salt polygons, etc. All these illustrate the diverse range of beauties and the geographical phenomena which Dasht-e Lut has to offer. The writer of this paper introduces Dasht-e Lut as a collection of desert geomorphological features, and he also considers it to be a natural academy for geologists and geographers. From the tourism point of view and with regard to Dasht-Lut’s features, the writer has used a new word called adventurous geotourism which can be specifically used in the field of desert tourism and some other related branches of this industry. Furthermore, the results of this study show that, besides visiting the geomorphological and geotourism attractions of Dasht-e Lut, it is also possible to have some other fun and exciting activities in this desert, some suggestions have been offered in this regard.
Keywords: Geomorphology, adventurous geotourism, lut desert, Kalut


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