DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7240-3_G-23

Authors: Yuri Artyukh, Ivars Bilinskis, Salvis Roga and Kaspars Sudars


A specific approach to designing chips having power efficiency advantages is considered in this paper for the application area of data acquisition from sensors and preprocessing of them on the basis of Digital Signal Processing(DSP). Attention is drawn to the significant role signal digitizing plays at rational processing of signals. The task that has to be solved at the stage of input signal digitizing is not just obtaining digital signals representing the original continuous input signals in the digital domain. It is shown that to achieve targeted results, in particular, power-efficiency, it is essential to select and use the most suitable method for signal digitizing that leads to complexity reduced processing of compactly presented data. The considered and discussed approach, emphasizing the importance of suitable digital representation of signals, supplements rather than contradicts other currently used methods for increasing power efficiency of chip designs. It does not represent an exception in this sense. The difference is in the methods used for digitizing making possible complexity reduction of designs and compression of the involved data flows. Advantages and benefits, achievable by using the suggested methods, are demonstrated.


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