DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7240-3_G-18

Authors: Seppo Puuronen, Erkki Lehtinen, Jussi Nukari, Dan Asplund


Strategies, as business and technology strategy, of a company search aspects that could contribute to the competitive advantage. Nowadays the increasing importance of environmental issues, e.g. environmental laws and standards, environmentally aware customers, the shortage of raw materials, and price of energy, have challenged companies in a totally new manner.

Environmental issues can be considered as threads and reactedonly when it is mandatory. Another approach for a company is to act proactively and turn the threats into opportunities. We have enhanced a technology strategy methodology with environmental issues for this proactive approach. The enhancement consists of several phases, like evaluation of the current environmental profile; formulation of the desired profile; analysis of existing and future technologies and other means that can be used to achieve the goals; and selection and scheduling of and resource allocation for the actions to be taken. Our enhancement emphasizes the need to consider both limitations and realities ofthe means to achieve the goals.

Our approach can be applied either during strategy development to guarantee that environmental issues will be appropriately considered, or with an existing strategy, to check out if environmental aspects are adequately included or whether are view is necessary. This paper presents an overview of the methodology and our experiences in applying it.


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