DOI: 10.5176/2251-2349_HRMPD14.22

Authors: Mei-Yao Chang

Abstract: This paper selects the civil servants in the Kaohsiung City Government as research subjects and makes a survey of their occupational abilities on the grounds of city-county consolidation. With the research results, we provide a reference for the government’s future planning. This study centers round questionnaire survey, which explores the current condition of on-job training, while undertakes a qualitative interview added with systemic sampling. Effective samples amount to 295 copies, of which 15 persons were taking sampled interviews. Lastly, we make a questionnaire analysis with statistics methods and achieve conclusions as follows: (1) on-job training might add burdens to an employee’s workload; (2) Civil servants generally regard on-job training can effectively enhance their professional capability and hold a positive attitude toward such training; (3) In the respect of curriculum, this paper scrutinizes the aspects of “importance,” “future development,” and “beneficial result,” and concludes that the category of professional skills better meets the subjects’ needs, while in the category of language and information, there seems to be increasing needs lately.

Keywords: On-Job Training; Humam Resource Management; City-County Consolidation, Civil Servants


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