DOI: 10.5176/2251-2349_HRM&PD17.22

Authors: Sukhada Tambe

Abstract: Job satisfaction and job stress are very popular topics of research in the area of Organizational Behavior. Organizations are concerned about enhancing job satisfaction of their employees and reducing job stress for the employees. This will make the employees more productive and their performance will improve. This research paper attempts to study the relationship between job satisfaction and job stress in select organizations in Mumbai. The results show that there is an inverse relationship between job satisfaction and job stress. The employee who is high on job satisfaction will experience lower job stress. One-way analysis of variance was conducted to know significance level between demographic characteristics viz. gender and age and job satisfaction and job stress respectively. There was no significant difference found in job satisfaction age wise and gender wise. For job stress no significant difference was found gender wise. Significant difference was found age wise for job stress.

Keywords: Employee, Productivity, Performance, Job Stress, Job Satisfaction


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