DOI: 10.5176/2251-2039_IE1236

Authors: Zhao Chenxiao, Wang Xuefeng, Ren Jie and Zhu Anyi

Abstract: With the rapid development of economic and technology, the process of technology innovation is full of uncertainty and complexity while competitive intelligence (CI) is the assurance of information in innovation activities. This paper analyzes the important role of CI from different angles. Emphatically we compare scientific paper, patent literature and web-based intelligence and find they play different roles in technology innovation but also complement each other. CI analysis method by forecasting the technology development trends and analyzing competitors is proposed and applied to Electric Vehicles (EVs) technology. The result of the analysis shows the technology future trends and competitive environment and helps us to find how CI reduce and eliminate the cost and risk of innovation.

Keywords: Competitive Intelligence; Technology Innovation; Patent Analysis; TOA; Competitor Analysis


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