DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7240-3_I-11

Authors: Craig Coley, Dr. Jamal El-Den, Rebecca England


Recently, the expectations of Website users have changed as a result of the development of mobile devises and improved accessibility. The research proposes a redesign, redevelopment and implementation of the CDU careers and Employment website taking these changes into consideration.The initial web site design strictly conforms to the university corporate template with little attention to the needs of the users due to the constraints of past CDU policy which inhibited innovation. The research proposes a model web site as a result of redesigning the CDU Careers and Employment website by reconciling users and client’s needs to the CDU corporate template. In designing the model, the research followed a web development life cycle methodology incorporating comparative analysis, personas, and user testing which visualized the user’s needs by increments. The research demonstrates recognition of websites showing elements of best design in navigation, layout,and mobile net functionality. In addition the research provided knowledge of user demographics, user scenarios, and preliminary user design. The authors believe that the redesign, which was partially adopted and implemented as the basic foundation for further development of other aspects of the CDU web design in general, has resulted in improving the website’s design, navigation, and interactivity.


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