DOI: 10.5176/2382-5669_ICT-BDCS15.39

Authors: Ritthichai Jitpukdeebodintra and Suntorn Witosurapot


Cloud gaming workload characteristics have been widely studied in the past, but they do not taken the factor of display resolution at the client machines into account. As a result, the management of computer and network resources at the cloud gaming server cannot be efficient in realistic situations, where devices with heterogeneous display capabilities are found, and contents can be varied according to targeted resolution. In this paper, we present our empirical study on the effect of different client resolutions and the server workloads. In addition, we give a coarse approximation of their relationship with a linear fashion so that a prediction of resources in the cloud gaming environment can be done in the easily manner. This will give utterly benefits to service providers for suitable and effective cloud gaming resource management.

Keywords: cloud gaming workload; client display resolution; content adaptation; linear approximation


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