DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7240-3_I-39

Authors: Raj Kishen Moloo


Around the world, especially in developing countries like Kenya, Phillipines and South Africa, Mobile Banking has been a clear success in terms of financial inclusion of the unbanked, poor and rural people [21]. Slower pace of adoption has been noted in developed countries [14][22] having sufficient banking coverage, with banks and customers treading on a cautious path. In Mauritius, mobile banking is still at its infancy, with the leading banks having shyly introduced such service, restricting it merely to inquiry based and alerts. To countries having implemented it, it provides a cheap, affordable and fast means of performing banking transactions to the convenience of customers, with a variety of possible uses and applications. This mobile banking survey carried out to around 455 people in Mauritius analyses the readiness of Mauritian to accept Mobile banking as a new and innovative way of doing banking and payments chores. It overviews Mauritian banking behaviour patterns, identify target groups and banking services which they might be interested. It also provides a strong insight on Mauritians banking preferences and features they would wish to have in a Mobile banking application. The results can be of valuable guidance to the established banks, new banks and potential new players in the fields like telecom companies, in fine tuning their mobile banking strategies for a better competitive edge.


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