DOI: 10.5716/2251-2136_ICT04

Authors: Amosa B.M.G, Hameed M.A. , Fabiyi A.O


In order to aid researchers in obtaining information on related work done at The Federal Polytechnic Ede on their subject matter, we have developed a sophisticated digital library system that utilizes advanced data mining techniques. Our digital library system is implemented as a centralized J2EE web application with links to publicly accessible data repositories on the Internet. The digital library is based on a framework used for conventional libraries and an object oriented paradigm. It provides a personalized user-centered service which is based on the user’s areas of interests and preferences. To make personalized service possible, a “user profile” that represents the preferences of an individual user is constructed based upon a user’s past activities, goals indicated by the user, and options. Utilizing these user profiles, the designed system makes relevant information available to the user in an appropriate form, amount, and level of detail with little effort. The catch in our system is an agent architecture that provides advanced services by combining data mining capabilities with domain knowledge in the form of a semantic network.


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