DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7240-3_I-90

Authors: Tholkappia Arasu Govindarajan, Ramesh Manickam, Vinoth Kumar M. and Rajavignesh R.


Agent can be defined as a component that, given a goal could act in the place of a user within its domain knowledge. Agents are also called intelligent agents, as intelligence is a key component of agency. Agent oriented approach can be viewed as next step of Object Oriented approach. The paper attempts to demonstrate the analysis part of developing Multi-Agent platform for processing of Bio signals using JADE – Java Agent Development framework.FIPA specifies a set of standard interaction protocols, which can be used as standard templates to build agent conversations. For every conversation among agents, JADE distinguishes the Initiator role - the agent starting the conversation and the Responder role - the agent engaging in a conversation after being contacted by some other agent.

JADE provides ready-made behaviour classes for both roles in conversations following most FIPA interaction protocols. The technical goal is to develop a multi agent platform for processing of bio-signals aiming at assisting medical practitioners in developing standard examination procedures. The JADE platform is a popular, FIPA-compliant platform for the development of multi-agent systems. As the agents on the JADE environment run on Threads, the response time is very less which helps the medical practitioner to make a quick diagnosis.


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