DOI: 10.5176/2251-2136_ICT-BDCS17.43

Authors: Dr. Chutima Prasartkaew, Dr. Santi Pattanavichai, Kraimon Maneesilp


Presently, the internet plays an important role in our daily life, e.g.: it is used for business, communication, online commercial, etc. Currently, most of the aforesaid activities can be done through the internet system via the modern wireless networks (Wireless LAN: WLAN). Owing to it can be operated without the complicated wiring cable, WLAN networks are interested in all users. This network can be connected via access point equipment. With this network scheme, the internet signal management, extension or attenuation with various organization sizes, can be done easily. Also, WLAN can be used in any locations without equipment moving: the users just are in the areas where they can receive the internet signal. To serve the user who has no permanent internet account and prefers to instant access the only internet without any added services, like in the internet café. The authors have invented a Wi-Fi vending machine; customer or users have to put the coin into the machine relevant to hours that the user want to use Wi-Fi. The coin collector was connected to a micro processer for internet signal processing control. The machine will print the username and password for the user to access the internet. Then the machine will use the timer and will stop the service when the time is gone. This machine is suitable for using at the airports, hospitals, shops or place that no service connection. The test results show that the proposed Wi-Fi vending machine can work properly and can be possibly developed to be a commercial system and it has been registered patent, the patent number is 1403000087.

Keywords: WiFi Vending, Wireless LAN, Automatic Machine


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