DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7240-3_I-34

Authors: Vidisha D. Gunesh Ramlugun


We set out to investigate the level of application of ICT / E-business in the tourism industry in Mauritius. We also sought to ascertain the different impediments to e-business adoption. Out of the 50 questionnaires we administered, 41 were usable. Findings mainly reveal that E-business offers multiple business ventures that assist this sector in expanding their business activities. In addition, it is seen thate-marketing is gaining priority compared to other advertising medium. Nonetheless, the Internet usage amongst the Mauritian tourism industry is still at an early stage, and the rate of adoption of e-business practices is slow. Web pages are inefficiently exploited and merely display static information. The study also demonstrates that cultural differences among customers, lack of personal contact with customers, costs implications and security issues are factors that impinge on e-business adoption. Managerial implications are discussed and suggestions for future research are made.


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