DOI: 10.5716/2251-2136_GIT13

Authors: Rabiah Eladwiah Abdul Rahim, Assoc Prof. Dr. Azizah Abdul Rahman


Much effort have been done recently in promoting Green Technology, with no exception in Information Technology area. It might be regarded as a nascent field but some initiatives have arisen worldwide including in Malaysia. This paper explains Green IT initiatives in Malaysia from the perspectives of i) policy ii) practice and iii) technologies and systems. The relevant information is gathered from articles, newspapers and electronic documents retrieved from the official websites of both Malaysian public and private agencies. Overall, both agencies have demonstrated significant effort towards ICT adoption for environmental sustainability. The country’s move towards green IT is driven by several factors including the rapid growth of online services, increasing energy costs, and growing awareness of technology impact on the environment. Future research shall investigate the impacts of green IT policies, practices and technologies and systems on the successful Green IT adoption.


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