DOI: 10.5176/2251-2136_ICT12.18

Authors: Azwa Abdul Aziz and Julaily Aida Jusoh

Abstract: University or Higher Learning Institution is aplatform to train students in specific domain area that willbecome an asset for a country. One of the critical issues inUniversity is to avoid dropout students. Educational DataMining (EDM) is an emergent discipline in developing methodsto explore the unique types of data from the educationalcontext. One of techniques apply in EDM is Association Rules(AR) in order to find a pattern of one element that influenceother element. In this paper, we are applying AR technique topredict students results based on a group of previous studentsresults. Clustering method is used to classified specific subjectcategory. Finally, a system known as Result Prediction System(REPS) is develops to perform AR analysis on academic dataautomatically using PHP and MYSQL databases.
Keywords: Association Rules, Educational Data Mining,Educational Intelligence.)


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