DOI: 10.5176/2382-5669_ICT-BDCS15.01

Authors: Khulood Al Zaabi and Abdallah Tubaishat


Due to the increasing demand on electronic payments, fraud methods are also increasing which has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars worldwide each year in the banking sector. Several studies have been applied to counter against fraud in the banking domain and to come up with ways to secure online payments. None of these studies, however, have resulted in a comprehensive awareness program which targets customer banking. The purpose of this research is to propose an Information Security Awareness Program (ISAP) for online Banking. We believe that such a program is needed for the following reasons: a) in order to enhance the level of trust in online banking, and b) to protect each customer’s personal information and to comply with the online bank requirements. Furthermore, we have identified several online frauds, and then we recommend some best practices for online protection in the following areas: online shopping, online protection, password protection, operating system protection, identity theft protection, and debit/credit card protection.

Keywords: Online Banking, Awareness, Security, Card Fraud, ID Theft, e-Banking, Corporate Account Takeover


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