DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7240-3_I-44

Authors: Danuvasin Charoen, Ph.D.


This paper investigates the crime of phishing in Thailand. The Internet has become a major part of people’s lives, and E-Commerce is growing very rapidly. Information in the past was in analog form, but now most information is kept in digital format.Customers and financial information have become a main target of criminals. Phishing, which is a method that criminals (phishers) use to send or create fraudulent messages to trick users to give away personal information, has become the most frequent computer crime in Thailand. This paper collects data from secondary sources and analyzes the characteristics of phishing in Thailand. This paper also identifies the root causes of phishing and the methods that phishers use to steal information from victims. Organizations can use the results of this study to educate their users about the crime of phishing crime and implement controls and policy to reduce the risk of being a victim of phishing.


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