DOI: 10.5176/2251-2136_ICT-BDCS17.49

Authors: Giuliano Casale, Ahmad Alnafessah


We present the DICE Quality Testing (QT) tool, a software for load injection and testing of Data-Intensive Applications (DIAs). The load injection mechanism of the DICE QT tool is designed for Apache Storm – a mature, stable and well-known Big Data technology for stream-based applications – and Apache Kafka. The QT tool consists of two modules. The first module is named QT-GEN and can generate input workload similar, but nevertheless non-identical, to the real workload data supplied to it, with prescribed rates for each type of message. The QT-LIB module is a Java library that provides custom spouts for autonomic workload injection into DIAs. The paper demonstrates the applicability of the tool on two case studies.

Keywords: testing; Big data; Apache Storm; Apache Kafka


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