DOI: 10.5176/2382-5669_ICT-BDCS15.47

Authors: Valerio Annovazzi-Lodi, Giuseppe Aromataris and Mauro Benedetti


In this paper, we report on recent achievements on secure data communications using chaotic lasers, namely, on a architecture for multi-user transmission, and on the comparison between the standard two-laser scheme and the alternative three-laser scheme. While transmission based on optical chaos is usually restricted to point-to-point interconnections, a specific scheme, which is derived from the well-known public key cryptography, enables private message transmission between any couple of subscribers of a network. With this approach, both the basic two-laser and the three-laser scheme for chaotic transmission can be used for secure data exchange; however, it has been found that the three-laser scheme offers a better level of privacy.

Keywords: optical chaos, communication system security, synchronization.


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