DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7240-3_I-83

Authors: Saeid Jorfi, Hassan Jorfi, Khalil Md Nor and Lotfi Najjar


In today's complex global environment, strategic alignment or the fit between Information Technology (IT) and business strategy; and the effectiveness of communication remains a key topic of concern among managers worldwide. The paper is undertaken to understand the relationship between IT flexibility and managers’ effectiveness of communication to improve strategic alignment in the Bank of Agriculture and Educational Administrations of Iran. Data (N = 82) for this study was collected through questionnaires. The participants were managers in Agriculture Bank and Educational Administrations of Iran. The results showed that effective communication and IT flexibility have a positive impact on strategic alignment and Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) moderates the relationship. The impact of effective communication on SISP is another result of the study.

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